Friday, 22 July 2011

Winners of the midlife poetry competition and the winning poems

The entries to our midlife poetry competition covered a wide range of issues and emotions associated with middle age and life for the over 40’s. The competition was tweeted by Stephen Fry helping to bring midlife issues to a wider audience.

The main topics covered in the poems were aging and mortality, themes common in this age group as people realise that have changed since their twenties. However, there was a healthy infusion of humour and a general attitude that things may be different, but they are not necessarily worse. 

There were three categories in the competition: haiku, limerick and freeform (any type of poetry not covered by the first two categories). The best poem in each category as voted by the members of activagers received a copy of The Ode Less Travelled by Stephen Fry and top prize for the best poem received £100 (or equivalent currency) of Amazon vouchers. 

The winning poem was a haiku by Rikka B and was chosen because it received more votes than any other poem in all categories. 

A Stream of golden
Sun-kissed yesterdays exceeds
The cold tomorrows

The winning poem in the limerick category was by Sue O. 

I once had dependable knees
Could party all night if you please
Now tea is my poison
I can’t stand lots of noise ‘n
I cross both my legs when I sneeze! 

The winning poem in the freeform category was by Angela G

Where is it? 

I’ve got a small dilemma, 
I don’t know what to do, 
I need to find my handbag, 
Where, I haven’t a clue, 
My daughter’s coming for me, 
To lunch we said we’d go, 
But I can’t find my handbag, 
And my keys are in it, so, 
I’m turning the house over, 
Everywhere I can think, 
I’ve been through every cupboard, 
Including under the sink, 
I think I’d better ring her, 
Where did I put my phone? 
Of course it’s in my handbag, 
I’m not fit to be alone, 
I think I’ll make myself a drink, 
Some tea would be nice, 
Or maybe something stronger, 
Gin and tonic with some ice, 
I don’t often drink this early, 
But I need one to keep calm, 
I’m getting absent minded, 
One won’t do me any harm, 
Taking ice out of the freezer-
Oh, what’s this – surely not? 
Look what’s in the fast freeze, 
My handbag, solid as rock. 

Congratulations to our winners and thanks to everyone who joined our competition, it has been a lot of fun! There are full details about the poetry competition and the other fun challenges we set our members on the activagers site - see link below.

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